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The Filipino American Community at Stanford (FACS) is a civic, cultural, and educational campus entity aimed at bringing together staff at Stanford who are interested in centering F/Pilipino/a/x and F/Pilipino/a/x American culture and issues, building community, and supporting the diversity initiatives on campus.

FACS provides an opportunity for members to gain experience in leading groups and to build skills in leadership and organization that staff might not otherwise have in their current job.  FACS is also a community of staffers that share common interest in the Philippines and wish to build community here at Stanford.

FACS works closely with the Stanford Diversity and Access Office, the Pilipino American Student Union (PASU), Asian American Activities Center, Bechtel International Center, Office for Religious and Spiritual Life, and other staff affinity groups.

Watch our video and meet our FACS community!



ADRC Supportive Care Study

We’re looking for Filipino Americans, or Filipinos residing in the US, are 30 years old and above and non-healthcare workers to join a 1 hour zoom meeting for a discussion to talk about the very limited involvement or participation of our Filipino Community in Research Studies conducted in the US or lack thereof. Participants will receive a $30 gift card as a token of your time and participation.


Chef Raul follows his Passion: Potato-peeling to Culinary Prestige

Epic things indeed start with humble beginnings. From a working student struggling to put food on the table to an award-winning chef, Raul Lacara is an example of hard work, determination, and perseverance.


Exploring the Role of Social Media in Philippine Politics

Pia Ranada is senior political reporter at Rappler, a news website and social news network based in Metro Manila. She is best known for her probing coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte, which prompted him to ban her from the presidential palace during his final term in office, which ended in June 2022. 


Welcome Home Dr. Jerald L. Adamos

I write to you to share my experience as a 2nd-Generation, Pilipinx American who had the opportunity to travel back to the motherland for the first time. Before I share that, I wanted to share some context as to why it has taken so long for me to make this trip.