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Dr. E.J.R. Holds Virtual Talk on Roots of Anti-Blackness in Fil-Am History

Dr. EJ David of the University of Alaska
Dr. E.J.R. David of the University of Alaska Anchorage

Dr. E.J.R. David of the University of Alaska was recently invited by FACS to hold a virtual lecture on the roots of anti-blackness in the Filipino American diaspora.  Dr. David is a leading clinical psychologist and associate professor and has conducted research on colonial mentality in Filipino American history. 

Over 50 Stanford staff members attended the virtual event last October 9, 2020.  Dr. Jerald Adamos, assistant dean of the Asian American Activities Center and co-chair of FACS facilitated the lecture.  Jerald and Jennifer Roxas, assistant director of BEAM and FACS communication chair, moderated a post-lecture discussion on October 23.   

FACS members interested in viewing the recording of Dr. David's zoom presentation can email Dr. Adamos at

Jerald Adamos

FACS Co-Chair Dr. Jerald Adamos facilitates Dr. David's presentation.

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