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Philippine flag, Dr. David's flyer and books authored by Dr. David
Commemorating Fil-Am History Month

Exploring the Roots of Anti-Blackness in Fil-Am History. Virtual Talk. October 2020.

FACS proudly presents a lecture by Dr. E.J.R David, a foremost clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  

Ink World Flyer and photos of museum goers
FACS members join colleagues from the Asian Staff Forum to view this amazing collection of Ink Drawings.

Ink Worlds Exhibit. Cantor Arts Center. August 2018

Asian Staff Forum (ASF) and FACS members were treated to a private tour of Ink Worlds, a fascinating collection of ink drawings from the 1960s through the present.  The exhibit showcases part of the Collection of Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang.

Multicolored dessert, event flyer and people gathering in the event
Celebrate the end of summer with this delicious Filipino dessert.

Halo-Halo Mixer at The Axe & Palm @ Old Union. August 2018

FACS held a social event at The Axe & Palm where attendees sampled some halo-halo, a popular Filipino icy sweet dessert made of assorted tropical fruits, crushed ice, milk, ice cream and flan.

FACS members posed in front of dessert mixer

FACS End-of-Summer Halo-Halo Mixer; August 14, 2018, The Axe & Palm at Old Union 

FACS and ASF members pose in Cantor Museum tour
FACS and ASF members attended the Cantor Art Museum Exhibit Custom Inks on August 16, 2018
FACS members pose inside Casper Dining Hall during Book Signing
Talented Fil-Am chefs and FACS members and guests attend a special Filipino lunch and book-signing of NY best-selling cookbook by Nicole Ponseca on August 12, 2018.